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Quilting Fabric

Continue an age-old tradition with our collection of beautiful quilting fabric

Quilting is an ancient technique that layer’s fabric and padding to provide insulation against the cold, protection under armour and saddles, and a softer surface for sitting or sleeping. The tradition combines different fabric designs, colours, or shapes into symbolic or otherwise meaningful patterns for additional, or sometimes purely, aesthetic value.

While some of the histories of this craft have included patching together scraps of material, often by necessity, they also reveal its use by the elite classes as a social status differentiator for display rather than practical purposes. Whether as padded protection or a treasured family heirloom, the technique is now associated with creatively combining and sewing together small fabric swatches in multiple colours and prints, commonly known among quilters as quilting fabric.

What you should know about patchwork quilts

Quilting is an age-old practice, and a global one. Quilting is a way to create insulation, protective clothing, quilts for bedding, flooring, tablecloths, picnic blankets, gift wrap, and wall art across diverse nations. With its multiple small scraps of fabric—whether plain, patterned, embroidered, or appliqued—a finished quilt is so much more than the sum of its parts.

In turn, quilts and the act of quilting have made up part of the fabric of society by:

  • Uniting the world. Quilting is a common tradition around the globe, representing the efforts of populations and classes across all income levels from North to South and East to West. Although immigrants in the 1800s brought with them the European tradition of quilt panels, in Australia, locals had already been creating blankets and cloaks made from patches of kangaroo and possum hide for centuries. While quilt fabrics differ across nations in design, colours, and stitches, the basic process is the same, a golden thread uniting quilters across millennia and thousands of miles.
  • Holding profound significance. Although often created purely to help their owners stay warm and safe, quilts evolved into far more than that. The patterns and even the fabric hold specific meanings, whether reflecting a nation or family’s values, a shared history, or a combined effort among family members. Quilts can communicate a symbolic or even revolutionary meaning. As a result, these treasures are often both emotionally and visually impactful. Even the simplest quilts can inspire comfort and warmth—feelings associated with community, closeness, and care.
  • Providing catharsis. Quilters have used their art as a memorial to individuals, groups, and eras across the ages. While the quilt itself serves as a poignant reminder of loss, the act provides therapy for the maker. Quilting allows us to express deeply held fears, sorrows, or gratitude and proves a way to incorporate a lost loved one’s clothes or other associated fabrics into a tangible, visual, and enduring tapestry of devotion. One example of such a memorial project is the AIDS memorial quilt, an ongoing craft started in 1985. This work is the largest piece of folk art ever created, containing over 48 000 panels to represent more than 100 000 victims of the disease. It weighs an estimated 54 tonnes.

Quilts appeal to all the senses, providing physical warmth, emotional support, and intellectual interest. As quilters ourselves, we understand just how much energy, skill, and pure love goes into each creation. Our comprehensive and attractive collection of Australian quilting fabric, pre-cuts, patterns, and kits reflects this insight.

What’s trending in quilts?

Some quilting trends are never out of style, including the recent revival of the geometric in triangular and hexagonal patches. However, 2021 and the global pandemic have brought some fresh (or revived) influences to the surface, including the following trends.

  • Social movements: Quilting for change is on the rise. Creating pieces that reflect the ideologies of a cause close to your heart or selling or auctioning quilts to raise funds for the same cause, has positioned the craft as a form of social commentary. This trend is nothing new: quilts have long represented a subtle form of political protest and sub-culture, typically opposing violence and oppression against marginalised groups. Notable quilt activism ranges from pieces created by Dachau survivors using materials from suits taken by Nazis to quilts signed on every panel by celebrities to raise money for a charitable international cause. Going back further in history, African American slaves who were prevented from reading and writing communicated secret messages to one another using visual codes sewn into their underground railway quilts.
  • Slow sewing: The coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to slow down, and this shift has manifested in a revival of slower, more meditative hand stitching movement that allows edges to stay raw and incorporates more organic, circular motifs. With thousands of sewers worldwide contributing to works that benefit those in need, draw attention to mental health, or buoy community spirit, quilting reflects an increasingly inclusive mindset, which is another way that the craft has brought us together in a meaningful way.
  • Sustainable quilting: Whether you’re making quilts for cots, children’s bedding using happy birthday quilt fabric, or statement art pieces with exotic quilt panels, the trend of sustainability means that you should carefully consider your material choices. Quilting is already the epitome of reusing, upcycling, and refashioning. However, you will now find natural dyes, recycled fabric, and zero-waste patterns. Consider the small strip log cabin technique, for example, and notice the increasing emphasis on repurposing used clothes—even from designer wardrobes.

Aside from social commentary, slow stitching, and sustainability, other trends in quilting are blues, alphabet quilts, embroidery, and a resurgence of quilting on clothing.

What sets us apart regarding quilting fabric in Australia?

  • A quilter’s knowledge: With 30 years of quilting experience, we know a lot about patchwork quilt fabrics in Australia and about designing and making quilts. We are enthusiastic about the craft, and we love making quilts ourselves, especially to give as gifts. So, please ask our advice on what to use and where; we love being a part of your quilt-making process.
  • Personalised service: Just as each hand-made quilt is unique, so are each of our clients and their projects. Let us know what you’re working on so that we can partner with you in your efforts. We’ll address your questions and assist with your order individually with our intimate customer service approach.
  • Help and guidance: If you are a beginner quilter or looking for inspiration, browse and consider one of our ready to go kits, which come complete with an easy-to-follow pattern and fabric–everything that you need to get started on your quilting journey. Don’t miss our selection of patterns, our pre-cut fabrics, and our handy tips and tutorials.

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