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Riley Blake

Fresh and fun, Riley Blake Fabrics are some of the most exciting fabrics you could use for your quilt. The brand's designs are a perfect blend of novelty and contemporary styles, often infusing geometric patterns and floral designs with a pop of colour. Quilting with Riley Blake Australia adds an extra layer of excitement and energy, transforming a quilt into a striking piece of art.

So, whether you are an expert quilter looking to try something new or a novice eager to embark on a quilting journey, Riley Blake offers an array of fabrics and patterns that can cater to your needs. Shop our range of Riley Blake designs at Cozy Corner Quilts.

Quilt Away with Riley Blake Quilt Patterns

Take your quilting to the next level with our impressive collection of Riley Blake quilt patterns. Our store offers a variety of exciting and unique patterns that are perfect for quilters of all skill levels. Whether you're crafting a cosy quilt for your home, a thoughtful gift for a loved one, or a masterpiece for a quilting contest, Riley Blake quilt patterns can help turn your vision into reality.

Discover a plethora of intricate patterns, such as the 'Flower Garden series. Perhaps you want to delight your young ones with the ‘Colouring on the Farm’ collection. Or maybe unleash your inner ballerina with the ‘Spin & Twirl’ series! One thing’s for certain; Riley Blake Designs offers something for everyone, ensuring your quilting experience is always a fulfilling one.

Why Choose Riley Blake Fabric Australia?

The Riley Blake brand has been a favourite among the quilting community not only in Australia but worldwide. This is because Riley Blake does not just provide quality quilting supplies, they provide a vibrant and versatile medium for creativity. With their richly pigmented fabrics and intuitive patterns, any quilter, regardless of their skill level, can create a stunning quilt that speaks volumes about their personality and artistic prowess.

Whether you are new to the world of quilting or a seasoned professional, we at Cozy Corner Quilts guarantee that our Riley Blake collection will offer just the right elements to complement your next project. The blend of colours, designs, and textures will leave you spoilt for choice, and the high-quality cotton will ensure your masterpiece withstands the test of time.

So why wait? Dive into our exciting world of Riley Blake fabrics and quilt patterns, and let your creativity run free!

At Cozy Corner Quilts, we strive to provide our customers with the best quilting supplies.


Where to buy Riley Blake fabric?

Riley Blake in Australia stocks a wide range of beautiful fabric, all available for purchase online.

When it comes to quilting with pop, there's nowhere better to turn to than Riley Blake fabric. From floral to geometric, from novelty to contemporary, each Riley Blake design adds excitement and energy to your quilt.

From Riley Blake chevron fat quarter bundles to Rolie Polies and 5” and 10” stackers, browse the range at Cozy Corner Quilts. We've got everything from soft pastel shades to bold splashes of colour.

Either buy online or, if you can't quite find what you're after, reach out to our team and we'll work our magic for you.

How do you use quilting panels?

Is it cheating to use fabric panels to create a quilt?

It's your quilt, so enjoy the freedom to create it your way. Many quilters use a fabric panel, as it is a quick way to create a beautiful quilt without too much effort.

Riley Blake quilt patterns are available as a free download on their website and quite a few of these patterns use fabric panels to create some stunning quilts.

As for the quilting panels themselves, it's easy to mix and match coordinating fabrics for a cohesive quilt - especially if you're using a set of Riley Blake designs in Australia. Having said that, reach out to the team at Cozy Corner Quilts if you need advice on how to coordinate your quilting fabrics.

Make sure all the fabrics are made of high quality and won't shrink or stretch in the wash - such as Riley Blake chevron fabric.

To put your quilt together, fold the layers together - top, batting and backing fabrics - and quilt them all together.

What should I know before starting a Riley Blake quilt pattern?

Before you embark on your quilting journey with Riley Blake quilt patterns, make sure to check the Pattern Updates page on Riley Blake Designs' website for any revisions. It’s essential to be patient when downloading the files, as it may take several minutes, depending on the project. Moreover, when printing a pattern with templates, ensure the templates are printed to the actual scale. To do this, check the settings in your print window and make sure "Actual Size" is selected or scaling is set to "None".

Are there any upcoming Riley Blake designs?

At Cozy Corner Quilts, we are continually updating our online store with the latest Riley Blake fabric collections to provide you with a wide variety of options. To stay updated on the new releases, we recommend regularly checking our online store or subscribing to our newsletter for the latest updates.

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