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Tilda Fabric

Whimsical and cute, the Tilda fabric range was the brainchild of Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger. Ever since she first started creating quilt designs in 1999, Tilda - in Australia and around the world - has become a popular option for quilting patterns. 

From cute to charming, and bold to gentle, Tilda caters to all your quilting desires. And with at least two new fabric collections released annually, there's always something fresh to look forward to!

Why Quilters Love Tilda Fabric

The Tilda quilts and Tilda quilt patterns are celebrated for their versatility, catering to all quilting styles and experience levels. From the muted elegance of soft beiges to the vibrant appeal of pinks and blues, the Tilda fabric range has something for everyone. Every refreshed range continues to inspire, with quilters always having fresh and exciting designs to look forward to.

Tilda's collections are designed to be mixed and matched, offering endless possibilities for unique quilts. The brand's range of coordinates blends seamlessly with all collections, allowing for creative combinations that result in truly personalised quilting projects.

Our Exquisite Tilda Australia Collection

Cozy Corner Quilts has been sharing the love and knowledge of quilting for over 30 years. We're not just a store; we're a community of quilters dedicated to providing quality products and impeccable service in Australia. Whether you're unsure about choosing the right fabric or need a custom-made order, we're here to assist.

We're proud to bring a large assortment of Tilda fabrics to Australia. Our collection includes designer themes such as ‘Me and My Friend’, ‘Tilda Gardenlife’, and a great range of Tilda Basics.

Cozy Corner Quilts: Your Destination for Tilda Fabric

At Cozy Corner Quilts, we share over 30 years of quilting love and knowledge. More than just a store, we are a community dedicated to quality and service. Our extensive collection of Tilda fabrics includes popular themes like 'Me and My Friend' and 'Tilda Gardenlife', alongside a wide range of Tilda Basics. We also stock some truly gorgeous Tilda quilt patterns that are sure to inspire and excite any crafter.

Tilda Quilt Kits: Making Quilting Accessible and Enjoyable

For those new to quilting or seeking a stress-free project, our Tilda quilt kits are ideal. These kits include easy-to-follow patterns and all the necessary Tilda fabric for the quilt top and binding, simplifying the quilting process and ensuring an enjoyable experience.

Explore Tilda Fabrics Online at Cozy Corner Quilts

Shopping for Tilda fabrics in Australia is now easier than ever with Cozy Corner Quilts' online store. Browse and purchase from our vast collection with just a few clicks. We guarantee top-notch quality in all our Tilda Fabrics and quilting supplies, reflecting our shared passion for quilting.

It's never been easier to shop for Tilda fabrics in Australia. With just a few clicks on our online store, you can browse and buy from our extensive collection of Tilda fabrics. We guarantee our Tilda Fabrics and quilting supplies to be of top-notch quality, as we share the same passion for quilting as you do.

Tilda Fabric: A Staple for Every Quilter's Collection

Whether you prefer classic patterns or modern designs, the Tilda fabric rangeis a must-have in every quilter's collection. Its versatility and quality make it perfect for various projects, from Tilda quilts to home decor.

Seamless Integration with Pie in the Sky Tilda Fabric and Tilda Bloomsville

Integrate Tilda fabrics seamlessly into your projects by combining them with other collections like Pie in the Sky Tilda fabric and Tilda Bloomsville. This allows for an even broader range of creative expressions in your quilting projects - the only limit is your imagination!

Beginner-Friendly Options with Tilda

For those just starting out, Tilda fabric range, combined with beginner quilting patterns, offers a gentle introduction to the world of quilting. These beginner-friendly options ensure a smooth and enjoyable learning curve, whether you’re new to quilting or just looking for a stress-free project.

Each kit comes with an easy-to-follow pattern and all the Tilda Fabric needed to create the quilt top and binding. With the perfect combination of colours and quantities, these quilt kits make creating Tilda quilts simple and enjoyable.

Embark on Your Tilda Quilting Adventure at Cozy Corner Quilts

Become part of a vibrant quilting community at Cozy Corner Quilts. Share your projects, exchange ideas, and grow in your quilting journey surrounded by fellow enthusiasts and an array of Tilda fabrics.

The Tilda fabric range, with its blend of whimsy, quality, and versatility, continues to be a beloved choice for quilters in Australia and beyond. Whether you're a seasoned quilter or just starting, Tilda offers something for everyone. Visit Cozy Corner Quilts and explore the delightful world of Tilda Fabric today!


Where to buy Tilda Fabric?

Browse the selection of Tilda Fabrics at Cozy Corner Quilts. With a delightful colour palette featuring beautiful fabrics and an always-changing design theme, you can't go wrong with Tilda Fabrics.

With its whimsical colours and patterns, Tilda Fabrics in Australia is always creating another gorgeous fabric collection - the kind you want to dive right into.

Tilda Fabrics could be the perfect choice if you want to create a quilt for just about anyone. The fabric collections are timeless and will inspire you to create that one-of-a-kind quilt that will be admired for many years to come.

With a new fabric collection released at least twice a year, you are sure to find something you love in our growing range of Tilda Fabrics. Tilda Fabrics in Australia can be used to make quilts like no other - whether you want delicate or bold, from soft and neutral beiges to the kinds of pinks and blues you want to sink into.

You will also find a wonderful range of coordinates from Tilda that are created to blend so well with all of our Tilda collections. Browse our range of Tilda Fabrics at Cozy Corner Quilts.

How to buy Tilda quilt kits online in Australia?

With Tilda quilt kits, you're all set to get started on your quilting project. Find your Tilda quilt kit online at Cozy Corner Quilts.

Tilda quilt kits are perfect if you want to just get started on that quilt. All of the fabrics are carefully chosen for you, no need to worry about matching the colour combinations. All of our kits come with everything you need to create the quilt top, and they also include the binding.

Tilda quilt kits come with a pattern that has been designed by an expert quilter. They’re so easy to follow, you’ll have created a beautiful Tilda quilt of your very own in no time.

What’s Matilda’s Own Tilda-Fix Lite?

Matilda's Own Tilda-Fix Lite is a game-changer in fusible web technology. As a paper-backed fusible web, this product is known for its simplicity and ease of use, seamlessly transforming fabric to iron-on material, making it an indispensable tool for applique works]. Just trace your design onto the Tilda-Fix Lite, fuse it to your chosen fabric using an iron, and cut out your design. 

Once the paper is peeled off, you are left with an adhesive on the fabric's backside, ready to be fused onto your second fabric choice. Perfect for all your applique needs, it comes in 1-metre lengths and 50 cm width. And if you require more, it can be dispatched in one continuous piece. Matilda's Own Tilda-Fix Lite allows for the creation of intricate and delicate appliques, giving your quilts that unique and personalised touch!

Where are Tilda Fabrics manufactured?

Tilda's studio is on a tiny island in the Oslo fjord in Norway, all wrapped up in calm waters and the peace of nature. This is the spot where Tilda's team gets into their sewing, design, and photography work, creating the unique Tilda fabrics we quilters know and love around the world!

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