Tilda Fabric

Whimsical and cute, Tilda Fabric was the brainchild of Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger. Ever since she first started creating quilt designs in 1999, Tilda - in Australia and around the world - has become a popular option for quilting patterns.

Tilda Fabric Australia - FAQs

Where to buy Tilda Fabric

Browse the selection of Tilda Fabrics at Cozy Corner Quilts. With a delightful colour palette featuring beautiful fabrics and an always-changing design theme, you can't go wrong with Tilda Fabrics.

With its whimsical colours and patterns, Tilda Fabrics in Australia is always creating another gorgeous fabric collection - the kind you want to dive right into.

Tilda Fabrics could be the perfect choice if you want to create a quilt for just about anyone. The fabric collections are timeless and will inspire you to create that one-of-a-kind quilt that will be admired for many years to come.

With a new fabric collection released at least twice a year, you are sure to find something you love in our growing range of Tilda Fabrics. Tilda Fabrics in Australia can be used to make quilts like no other - whether you want delicate or bold, from soft and neutral beiges to the kinds of pinks and blues you want to sink into.

You will also find a wonderful range of coordinates from Tilda that are created to blend so well with all of our Tilda collections. Browse our range of Tilda Fabrics at Cozy Corner Quilts.

How to buy Tilda quilt kits online in Australia

With Tilda quilt kits, you're all set to get started on your quilting project. Find your Tilda quilt kit online at Cozy Corner Quilts.

Tilda quilt kits are perfect if you want to just get started on that quilt. All of the fabrics are carefully chosen for you, no need to worry about matching the colour combinations. All of our kits come with everything you need to create the quilt top, and they also include the binding.

Tilda quilt kits come with a pattern that has been designed by an expert quilter. They’re so easy to follow, you’ll have created a beautiful Tilda quilt of your very own in no time.

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