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Moda Fabrics

Stylish Moda fabrics for beautiful quilts

The creativity of a beautiful design, its colour combinations and the pure joy in the activity of creating a beautiful quilt is the heart of the passion. The 100% cotton Moda fabrics for quilting is perfect to create your unique and personal treasure. Moda Fabrics is one of the most popular brands with a wide variety of high-quality, beautiful quilting fabrics. Cozy Corner Quilts supply a wide range of Moda fabrics in Australia for all your quilting needs.

Quilting in style with Moda fabrics quilt

Composed of three layers, a quilt traditionally includes a pieced or applqiued quilt top, a layer of batting and a backing which is then sewn together by using quilting techniques. A woven fabric of 100% cotton is made explicitly for quilting. The weave is plain, and the material is durable medium weight. Quilting cotton tends to hold its shape quite effectively even after being washed.

  • Using Moda’s extra wide fabric will undoubtedly make the backing of your quilt much simpler and more manageable.
  • You can innovatively increase the texture and overall design of your quilt by mixing the fabrics a bit. A mixture of materials will surely add to your unique and beautiful treasure. One of the more popular ranges from Moda is the Grunge range, perfect for adding extra flair to your quilt.
  • Traditionally, quilt patterns call for five or six colours. Rather than feel overwhelmed, you can easily simplify the colour combinations by selecting different shades of the same colours or neutrals.

Popular Quilts and Patterns

The early quilters used any scrap fabric that was available regardless of its colour, texture, fabric type or design. One of the most popular and probably the eldest quilt pattern is the Crazy Quilt, an eight-pointed star pattern. This pattern is still very popular today on patchwork quilts or applique style quilts.

  • The Patchwork Quilt is one of the most traditional quilt types where pieces of cloth or patches are cut into different shapes and sizes and stitched together to create blocks. The possibilities are endless for the design and colour combinations of this quilt.
  • On an applique quilt, shapes are stitched onto a solid background. This style gives you complete freedom of creativity, where you can create a masterpiece.
  • Another popular quilt style is the Whole Cloth Quilt, also called white-on-white quilting, where only one piece of cloth is quilted. There are no applique or patchwork patterns on this quilt style.

Another popular pattern for quilting is the Wild Goose Chase pattern. Inspired by the migration of flocks of geese, the triangles in this quilt block represent the geese. This pattern has at least fourteen variations. The triangles' arrangement and the possibility of various colour and pattern combinations can lead to endless creativity.

Quilt Lovers Unite

For Moda fabrics in Australia, contact Cozy Corner Quilts today for the best selection of quilt fabrics available. We have many colours, patterns, kits, bundles and an assortment of pre-cuts available. Let us share in the joy of creating your one-of-a-kind quilt masterpiece.

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